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How to Care for your MintyTee!

Rheanna Richardson

Posted on June 14 2016

How to Care for your MintyTee!

Your MintyTee

Thank you for placing your order with Minty Tees, we are glad you chose us. Whether you purchased one of your pre-designed novelty designs or a custom order we want you to know our process and how to best care for your new garment.

If you have received your shirt and notice a slight discoloration or a slight sticky feel, DO NOT PANIC, This is normal. When using a Direct To Garment (DTG) printer, we first begin by spraying down a layer of ink receptive coating on a wide area to make sure that your design has the best colors possible, it is then dried using a heat press. After the first wash all traces of pre treatment and the heat press will wash away.

After the garment is pre-treated it’s time to print! Our DTG printers work similarly to a regular inkjet office printer. The shirt is laid down on a platen, and the ink is laid directly onto the fabric. On colored garments (anything other than white) we first lay down a layer of white ink before laying down the color within the design, this ensures that the colors POP! Because of this process there is no color maximum. We are able to print anything as basic as text or as elaborate as photographs.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes creating a quick turn around time and next day (sometimes same day) shipping!


DTG & Vinyl Garment Care

We all know that certain garments and materials need special treatment. What you might not know is that the products we provide, which are primarily direct-to-garment and vinyl based, are a part of that group. To provide you with the best way to take care of your awesome new t-shirt or hoodie, we reached out to a few different companies.



Direct to Garment (DTG) Products -- Primarily T-Shirt, Tanks, and V-Necks

For our DTG garments, here’s what we recommend:

  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Machine wash cold
  • Hang dry or dry on low
  • Use minimal detergent, depending on how soiled the garment is
  • Do NOT use bleach

One of our associates at Axiom America, who we source all of our inks from, had the following to say, “I have done wash tests over the years on GT prints. Wash tests were GREAT!  I do not use bleach but I did dry the garments but did not OVER DRY or BAKE in the dryer.”

Vinyl Heat Transfer Products -- Primarily Hoodies

For our vinyl heat transfer garments, we recommend the same guidelines. Turn the garment inside out, use minimal detergent and don’t use bleach. Drying is the most important portion, however. If you do dry it on high, you can damage the vinyl and raise the chance that it may warp or begin peeling off. It’s crucial to dry on low or hang dry. Hang drying, of course, is always the safest way to dry any garment to prevent shrinkage and ensure the decoration lasts.

We are so glad you chose to order with us! If you love your shirt tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter at @MintyTees 

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